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How can co-production contribute to good governance?

In co-production, one organisation or person invites others to come together. Each person takes responsibility for themselves (and their organisation, if they are part of one) and, within the relevant legal and physical constraints, they make decisions only for themselves (or their organisation).


How can we coach for co-production?

Coaching for co-production – for someone working with communities to co-produce outcomes with their community.


How can I start to co-produce? (Sut gallaf ddechrau cydgynhyrchu?)

The Well-being of Future Generations Act requires us to involve people and work more collaboratively together, in integrated, preventative ways which safeguard our ability to meet long term needs. This guide is designed to help you get started with this new way of working. For more information, see the Welsh Government’s Principles for Working with Communities or one of the links at the bottom of the help sheet for further suggestions. For bigger groups you might also like to try The World Café or open space technology.

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