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[Audio] In conversation with Mencap Cymru

In this audio recording, Noreen is in conversation with Mencap Cymru colleagues about the RCT (Rhondda Cynon Taf) Me Time project: James Prestwood, Sian Davies, Gareth Pahl, Helen Mahony and Laura Thomas.

We covered a bit of background about the project (which is still under way): what were the intentions, and where have they got to with it? We discussed how co-production comes with uncertainty and how that’s not always comfortable, and how they found ways to work with this effectively. We also reflected on how relationships changed, including with their commissioners at the Local Authority. We ended with a few words of advice from each one, for anyone embarking on a similar co-production journey! (length: 45 mins)

Credit: final editing by Emmi Manteau.

Click the picture or the link below to play in a new window. ‘All in this together: a podcast about co-production’ is also available wherever you get your podcasts.

In conversation with… Mencap Cymru

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