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[Audio] What is co-production? Part 1

A series of exploration about co-production in public services.

In this episode we hear from Noreen Blanluet, Co-founder of the Co-production Network for Wales, talking about what co-production means and the values and principles that underpin good co-productive practice.

1’14” – definition
2’00” – an asset based approach
4’35” – in public services
6’57” – shared power and responsibility
13’47” – equal, reciprocal and caring relationships
17’42” – contributing to social change
20’54” – definition summary
21’27” – 5 values or principles
21’53” – strengths
26’52” – networks
30’08” – lives not systems
33’23” – relationships
36’40” – people as change makers
37’58” – being people-centred / relationships-centred

This series is hosted by Mike Corcoran for the Co-production Network for Wales.
The producer is Emmi Manteau.
Recorded: November 2020
Duration: 39’38”

Click the picture or the link below to play in a new window. ‘All in this together: a podcast about co-production’ is also available wherever you get your podcasts.


What is co-production?

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