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Author: Lucy England

The ‘What matters to me’ app

What matters to me is an application that allows you to easily describe your special needs as well as the things you want other people to take into account. It means to increase accessibility and equality in various everyday situations and encounters – great for wheelchair users, people who have intellectual disabilities or autism or brain injury and more. Take a look at their website for more:  

Citizens assemblies

Citizens assemblies are a type of mini public. All round they’re a good way to involve people in decision making. Alliance for Useful Evidence’s report sets out the major challenges that mini-publics must confront and draws out key lessons on how mini-publics can address these challenges and have real impact on policy. Find it here:  

Transforming public services

This 2018 report from the Public Service Transformation Academy showcases some of the ways in which those who commission and provide our public services are responding to the many challenges faced in today’s climate of austerity to deliver real public service transformation. You can find both the report and accompanying case studies here.


Academi Wales are all about training and development skills within public services. They have several bits on how good leadership is essential for enabling teams to actually do co-production. Their leadership behaviours framework for senior leaders is worth a read, as are their “one Welsh public service” pages.  Here are some of their other docs on good leadership: Trust – the foundation of successful teams  Leadership and organisational transformation Taking risks – how to make […]

Case studies from Vanguard

There are a number of articles and case studies online from The Vanguard Periodical. The people centred services section is particularly relevant for us and worth checking out, but there’s also digital and financial services. A fun one is about shared milk as a litmus test for how well services are integrated! Visit Vanguard for more.

Open data

Many argue that if public bodies were to share the data they hold openly (apart from that which really needs to be kept private) it would allow for greater collaboration all round. Carnegie UK, Involve and Understanding Patient Data have collaborated on a report balancing the risks and benefits of data sharing – read it in full. 

Community visioning

Some details on community visioning from Pennsylvania Land Trust: “Community visioning is a planning tool that enables residents, business owners, local institutions, and other stakeholders to have a voice in the decision-making process in their community. A community visioning statement will communicate the goals and priorities of the community and ideally inform future planning documents, regulations, and future development.” Read the full pages.  

Place based working

Building Collaborative Places: Infrastructure for System Change This report argues for the strengthening of ‘system infrastructure’ underpinning services to the public in a place. A great primer on place based working. Read it in full – from Collaborate. An opinion piece on place based working: The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change, by David Brooks in the New York Times Also the Place Standard, a free tool to have conversations around a place. Check it out in this […]

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