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Building Care and Support Together

Collated by Co-production Network for Wales for Social Care Wales

Download it from the Social Care Wales website here.

This resource is collated from the talks and workshops at the Building Care and Support Together series of workshops organised by the Co-production Network for Wales and Social Care Wales.

This booklet is designed to help you do more and better co-production within your role. We all want to do things better and differently but can sometimes face barriers or feel unsure if we’re on the right path. This booklet is designed to offer practical advice and solutions from the people who have been there and done it.

Who is this booklet for?

Organisations and individuals who are on the path of co-production and looking to move forward ideas and projects, such as:

  • People who work in statutory, independent or third sector organisations: you could work in housing, health, social services or any social care related setting.
  • Managers and commissioners who are looking at innovative solutions to care and support and want to explore how this can be done.
  • Community groups or individuals who want to get involved in shaping care and support.
  • Community groups or individuals who are actively looking to set something up to help a group of people, for example a café for carers.

What is in this booklet?

  • What is co-production? And what does it mean?
  • Why is it important to work co-productively?
  • How do I work co-productively?
  • Advice and tips on what attitudes and behaviours promote good co-production
  • Future opportunities and development
  • Further resources

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