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Evaluating co-production and measuring impact

Co-production self-evaluation audit tool

    This tool is part of our Co-production Catalogue for Wales which lives on the Good Practice Wales website. Here it is for ease of reference: Co-production Audit Tool             See also… The Coproduction Self-Assessment Audit Tool nef (2011) This short self-assessment tool has been designed to help practitioners critically assess how deeply they have developed co-production. The framework encourages self-reflection around 8 principles: Treating people as assets Incorporating peoples’ skills and experiences […]

Data Cymru’s Guide to Evaluation

To support those undertaking evaluation, Data Cymru have launched an Evaluation Guide. Developed with support from national partners, the guide serves as an introduction to evaluation and sets out the key steps and factors that need to be considered when planning evaluation. The guide does not try to be the definitive source of information on evaluation. It seeks to cover the key concepts and terminology, including evaluation types, evidence bases and measuring options. It aims to convey […]

How to evaluate asset-based approaches in an asset-based way

A really useful paper from Evaluation Support Scotland including 10 principles to think about when planning or doing evaluation in the context of asset-based approaches. “People in the third sector and funders tell us that they need to evaluate their asset based work for funders, policy-makers and for their own improvement. But they face the challenge of how to reconcile the need for evidence of impact of asset-based programmes, whilst maintaining informal approaches in practice. They need to show […]

Social Value Toolkit

Uscreates has launched a downloadable, interactive toolkit that can help you get the most out of Social Value measurement. The toolkit offers tips from hands-on, practitioner experience to make Social Value meaningful to stakeholders, and includes handy worksheets, video interviews and case studies. (via Forum for the Future)

Involving young people in evaluation

To mark the Year of Young People, Evaluation Support Scotland has been working with the Big Lottery Fund to support their grantholders to test out ways of involving young people in evaluation. Seven projects in the youth work sector, supporting young people between the ages of 8 and 24, stepped up to try out different ways of handing the evaluation reins over to young people. The project leads involved young people in a range of different ways from agreeing project outcomes to […]

Evaluating Co-Production: Pragmatic Approaches to Building the Evidence Base (Durose C., 2014)

Durose, C., Mangam, C., Needham, C., Rees, J. (2014). Evaluating Co-Production: Pragmatic Approaches to Building the Evidence Base.,%20final.pdf A summary paper examining the issues surrounding how co-production is evidenced in an objective and quantifiable, cost effective manner.

Why Bother Involving People In Evaluation?

Scottish Government. Evaluation Support Scotland. 2015. Why Bother Involving People in Evaluation (Beyond Feedback – A Workbook). SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT & EVALUATION SUPPORT SCOTLAND. A useful tool/guide to assist service providers in their adoption/use of co-productive methods with service users.

Guide to evaluating community capacity initatives (TLAP)

Does it Work? A guide to evaluating community capacity initiatives This guide has been developed to help you evaluate your project/service and the impact it might be having on “social capital”. It guides you through the things you need to consider before you start, then suggests and describes some appropriate methods depending on why you want to do the evaluation and who it is for.

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