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Change and innovation

It Does Not Take a Visionary to Change the World: Stumbling into Difference Making

Key to success was what I call pragmatic vision, a willingness to take multiple small steps toward what they viewed as desirable system change, rather than attempting to implement a grand vision all at once (…) Small steps occur because the action is risky at first. Outsiders can be quite skeptical of these initial steps, so it also takes a bit of courage to push them forward. (…) Bring people together who think along the same lines and are also willing to take the risk to make small changes. And (do) not be threatened by others’ successes but rather celebrate them, encourage them and network with them to broaden impact.

By Sandra Waddock on the Sustainable Economy Website


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Innovation and the Learning Organisation

A short essay on learning and adapting to change by being the author of the changes you most want to see.

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