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Co-production: an audio introduction

We recorded one of our “introduction to co-production” workshops for someone who’d missed the session, and we thought we might as well share it with everyone!

We turned it into a podcast episode and you can listen in the channel of your choice, it’s available on Google podcasts, Spotify, and a few other places. You can also listen directly in Anchor in your web browser, the recording and the links to the other platforms are here:

What is co-production?

We unpack what we mean by co-production and citizen involvement in public services. We talk about

  • the definition
  • the 5 principles of co-production
  • doing to/for/with
  • complexity theory
  • and the reasons why co-production and involvement are all the rage these days in public service circles.

It’s about 45 mins long, so grab yourself a cuppa and maybe a sandwich.

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