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Co-production Catalogue from Wales (Seeing is Believing)

In 2015, Ruth Dineen (Co-production Wales) and Public Health Wales put together the Seeing is Believing Catalogue of co-production case studies from Wales. (History in case you’ve been here before and you’re wondering: it used to be hosted on the Good Practice Wales website, but this has now been archived.)

This report is organised into:

  • The case for co-production
  • Co-production in practice: case studies from across Wales
  • Audit Tools and practical guidance
  • Networks and related websites

You can view or download the full document (pdf) here.

The related Seeing is Believing workbook provides an overview of co-production and edited versions of seven of the case studies, along with exercises to help the reader analyse the depth of co-production and the context for success. It is also accompanied by its audit tool.

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  1. The Seeing is Believing workbook is such a useful tool to see some great examples of how co-production skills have been utilised at varying degrees and approaches. Such a lovely read! Thank you for sharing.

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