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Pilot Project 2016-2019 Interim Report

A4W Innovation C.I.C.

March 2018. Prepared by Mike Hotson, Sara Wentworth and Kate Naidoo

“The theoretical idea is one thing, the putting of that initial construct into practice can be quite a different project as other peoples understanding, personal bias and habitual patterns come to the fore.

It has not been all plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination. The project has taken a lot more preparation time for each session and a lot more personal physical and emotionally energy within some sessions than initially thought. Each session has also created a significant amount of extra administration and research work in a way that we had not fully anticipated when we costed out the initial proposal.

That said, it is fair to say that all the hard fought for lessons have informed, shaped,
and continued to develop our practices as we progress through each weekly session
with each one of our community groups. Creating something that is providing a “lifeline”
for many people in our rural communities.

There are still a few wrinkles to iron out but on the whole, all of these glitches pale into
the shadows when compared with all the positive outcomes and achievements that
have been accomplished. We know our partners testimonials and our participants
feedback in this report will clearly illuminate this.”


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Full report:

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