Chwilio sylfaen wybodaeth cydgynhyrchu

Creating empowered and resilient communities

Carnegie UK, The Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and several other organisations have discussed the benefits of kindness in public policy and how this can translate into stronger and happier communities.

Read the full reports:

Insights For A Better Way is a collection of stories, ideas and case studies that explores how we can deliver better services and build stronger communities. Contributors include Polly Neate, Julia Unwin, Rich Wilson, Kathy Evans and Colin Falconer.

You can download the full collection over at Cargnegie.


Approaches to Community Resilience

This report develops our understanding of community resilience. It gathers evidence from multiple sources and makes good practice in what works in building community resilience easily accessible. Increasing community resilience supports the delivery of a key part of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act (2014) (the Act). This and the Well-being and Future Generations Act (2015) (Future Generations Act) offer the potential for a strong co-ordinated approach to improve the wellbeing and resilience of communities across sectors in Wales.



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