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Public Service Reform (general)

Public services inside out (Boyle D., Slay J., Stephens L., 2010)

Boyle D, Slay J and Stephens L (2010), Public services inside out , NESTA

This report published by NESTA is about real stories of reform, led by people who work in and use public services. It details both the potential of and the challenges for co-production in the public sector. It describes six key characteristics of co-production:

  • Recognising people as assets
  • Building on people’s existing capabilities
  • Promoting mutuality and reciprocity
  • Developing peer support networks
  • Breaking down barriers between professionals and recipients
  • Facilitating rather than delivering

The authors demonstrate that co-production can help create better, cheaper services, produced from the ground up by those who know public services best.




What Work Scotland: Co-production and Public Service Reform (2018)

Seminar which looked at the role of co-production, its role in reforming public services and how co-production can best be used to help develop sustainable and effective public services.

Summary of the day, including presentations and tweets:




Cullingworth, J., Brunner, R. & Watson, N. (2018) The Operation Modulus Approach: further lessons for public service reform

This report examines how the approach and learning from a successful violence and anti-social behaviour intervention has spread to two other communities. The report shows how the distinct characteristics of the Operation Modulus approach support the principles and practice of public service reform.

Available at What Works Scotland:



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