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[Audio] A brief history of co-production

A series of exploration about co-production in public services. In this episode Noreen Blanluet, Co-founder of the Co-production Network for Wales, provides a whistle stop tour through the history of co-production. This series is hosted by Mike Corcoran for the Co-production Network for Wales. The producer is Emmi Manteau. Recorded: November 2020 Duration: 20’18” Click […]

A brief history of co-production (video)

If you’re wondering how co-production came about in the UK and especially in Wales, Dan’s presentation (12’47) covers the journey since the 1960’s with key thinkers like Sherry Arnstein, Elinor Ostrom, and Edgar Cahn; and the development work in the UK by Nesta and the New Economics Foundation. Any other key contributors to this picture […]

Research – social action and civic engagement

Enabling Social Action Programme. (March 2018 – March 2020) The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is working in partnership with the universities of Sheffield and Hull on Phase 2 of the Enabling Social Action programme. The programme aims to support local authority commissioners to co-design, co-produce and co-deliver services with local people, […]

Strategic architecture: a new approach to revitalizing cities gains steam

“Instead of completely altering the existing aesthetic of the neighborhood through the development of overly-ambitious or tin-eared design initiatives, these architects and designers have demonstrated a devoted effort to transform urban environments without disrupting them. Lange has a name for this unique approach to design; she calls it “strategic architecture.” Typically supported by advocacy organizations […]

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