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What is co-production, why would we do it and how can we implement it?

Melika Powell is a Research and Development Officer for Research in Practice for Adults. She writes about what co-production is, when participation becomes co-production, and working with carers: “Involving people in the design, delivery and ongoing development of services is important on an ethical and emotional level, as it can support those involved to develop their skills and promote their wellbeing. In addition it can improve services and has also been shown to contribute towards efficiencies […]

How we make a difference together

From the Co-production Scotland Network: Published in 2015, ‘Co-production – how we make a difference together’ is a suite of resources – videos, case studies and information to help spread understanding of co-production. It gives examples of the different ways in which co-production approaches can be used, but more than this, it draws together the principles of co-production and the practicalities of working in this way. This resource has been developed by the Scottish Co-production Network, the Joint […]

Building Care and Support Together

Collated by Co-production Network for Wales for Social Care Wales Download it from the Social Care Wales website here. This resource is collated from the talks and workshops at the Building Care and Support Together series of workshops organised by the Co-production Network for Wales and Social Care Wales. This booklet is designed to help you do more and better co-production within your role. We all want to do things better and differently but can […]

Commissioning for Outcomes & Co-Production: A Guide for Local Authorities

Slay, J., Penny, J. (2014). Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-Production: A Guide for Local Authorities. NEF. https://neweconomics.org/uploads/files/974bfd0fd635a9ffcd_j2m6b04bs.pdf An in-depth look at how commissioning should be conducted to incorporate co-production to make the best use of resources.