Health and wellbeing

This report provides 10 key points that can be implemented to improve, increase the health and wellbeing of people and communities. See the link below for a copy of the report:


This is the final report in a ongoing series, the other 8 are listed below:

  1. Making the Change – A report on behavioural factors within person & community centered approaches to health & wellbeing.

2. At the Heart of Health – Realising the value of people and communities.

3. Spreading Change – A guide to enabling the spread of person- and community-centered approaches to health and wellbeing.

4. Making it Happen – Practical learning and tips from the five Realising the Value partner sites.

5. Supporting Self-Management – A guide to enabling behaviour change for health and wellbeing using person- and community-centered approaches.

6. New Approaches to Value in Health and Care.

7. What the System Can Do – The role of national bodies in realising the value of people and communities in health and care.

8. Impact and Cost – Economic modelling tool for Commissioners.


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