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Here’s a bit of a reading list for co-production and more in health and social care:

The 1000 lives guide “Co-producing services – co-creating health” has been produced to enable healthcare organisations and their teams to successfully implement a series of interventions to improve the safety and quality of care that their patients receive.

It is recommended this guide is read in conjunction with the following:

■ How to Improve – The guide for reliable and sustained improvement
■ The 1000 Lives Improvement Service Quality Improvement Guide
■ Learning to use Patient Stories for Improvement

These are available from 1000 Lives Improvement.


The Health Foundation also has a number of papers that should be on any health/co-production reading list:


Independent charity Nesta have published a series of guides based on their People Powered Heath programme:


Also see these from JITS and Birmingham University respectively:


Prudent healthcare: securing health and well-being for future generations


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