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Resources for more collaborative consultations in primary care

Year of Care
Co-Creating Health
Transforming Participation in Health and Care
Person Centred Care Resource Centre

These consultations are scripted so that the patient has an active role to play. They also lead onto follow up activities that help the patient to make important changes to their lifestyle. In this way the consultation becomes the centre of whole network of activities and interventions, done by a range of different clinical, healthcare and volunteer roles inside and outside the formal health system. Via Nesta’s article “People Powered Consultations” – also worth a peruse.


Redefining Consultations – Changing the relationships at the heart of health

Does doctor know best? A new approach to “evidence” based health care

This new policy paper published by the Health Service Management Centre at the University of Birmingham and the Centre for Welfare Reform argues for the importance of recognising the expertise of people and focusing on achieving outcomes instead of merely providing services.
Find it here.
More than Medicine – New services for people powered health

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