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How to evaluate asset-based approaches in an asset-based way

A really useful paper from Evaluation Support Scotland including 10 principles to think about when planning or doing evaluation in the context of asset-based approaches.

“People in the third sector and funders tell us that they need to evaluate their asset based work for funders, policy-makers and for their own improvement. But they face the challenge of how to reconcile the need for evidence of impact of asset-based programmes, whilst maintaining informal approaches in practice. They need to show the link between improved connectedness, confidence and relationships and hard outcomes funders often demand. The desire to ‘investigate’ what works can be a barrier to nurturing natural and trusting relationships. The ideal is for communities to be involved appropriately at all stages of the evaluation process rather than be ‘test subjects’. ESS wanted to address these challenges and show that evaluation can be done in line with asset-based activities and values.”

Find it here:


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