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From the Co-production Scotland Network:
Published in 2015, ‘Co-production – how we make a difference together’ is a suite of resources – videos, case studies and information to help spread understanding of co-production. It gives examples of the different ways in which co-production approaches can be used, but more than this, it draws together the principles of co-production and the practicalities of working in this way.

This resource has been developed by the Scottish Co-production Network, the Joint Improvement Team, The Health & Social Care Alliance Scotland and Governance International along with many people and organisations sharing their experiences, skills and ideas.

The range of materials include:

  • Co-production in Scoland – a policy overview
  • Seven co-production case studies
  • Five video case studies
  • People Powered Health and Wellbeing Programme
  • The Co-production Star

All the resources are available to download in PDF format and are viewable online, or you can download the complete, collected version of all the documents in this resource as a zip folder.

View the entire toolkit here:

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