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100% Open innovation toolkit

This 30-piece toolkit covers the whole open innovation journey from setting a strategy for collaboration to implementing mutually beneficial business models. It helps to make the case for open innovation and shows how to co-create or crowdsource relevant ideas, prototype the best ones and construct strong partnerships.

Explore the 7 phases of open innovation and select the right tool for:

  • defining your open innovation strategy (objectives, methods and plans)
  • preparing for collaboration (assessing your readiness)
  • finding unmet needs (satisfy specific user needs)
  • discovering new ideas (collaborating with others online and offline)
  • convening collaborative workshops (planning and facilitating for productivity and creativity)
  • prototyping new products and services (developing ideas)
  • building business partnerships (creating strong collaborations)

Find it here on the 100% Open website.



The DIY (Development Innovation and You) toolkit

Thirty innovation tools that are quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help busy people around the world create more impact with their work. Designed with international development in mind, but applicable to any project.

Grouped into themes:

  • look ahead
  • develop a clear plan
  • clarify priorities
  • collect inputs from others
  • know the people you’re working with
  • generate new ideas
  • test and improve
  • sustain and implement

Find it here on the DIY Toolkit website.

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