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Walk links people & nature

“The NeturalWalk is as simple as its name suggests. A walk through the little-known territory of Basilicata to re-generate links between the people and nature, while discovering innovative opportunities “per la strada” (on the street). It was born under the banner of ‘Exploring Basilicata’, another project of Casa Netural, to discover social innovation opportunities and success stories of the southern Italian region. The experience of the walk is different from any “hiking” experience, as it’s a collective walk of inspiration and exploration of a territory, in which the main characters are the small villages and the people who inhabit them; their stories, their passions, their dreams, and their loneliness. The ingredients of NeturalWalk were basic: 23 walkers, 100 kilometers, six days and an open horizon. But the emotions and relationships it evoked were more complex and energizing than we could have ever imagined.”

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