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Outcomes frameworks

Focusing on Outcomes

We decided to use the best Outcomes Frameworks out there – John O’Brien’s 5 Accomplishments and Simon Duffy’s Keys to Citizenship.The point of our work is to support people to live their life full, a life full of valued experiences where they can experience the rough and smooth of Citizenship. We were confident we could ‘squash’ any of the other ‘outcomes’ expected of us into these tried and tested ‘measurements’ of a ‘Good Life’. We worked on this together, with people we support, their families and staff but we did bring the 5 Accomplishments and the Keys to Citizenship to the table, and told people we didn’t think they could be bettered!

The Outcomes are:

  • Having Friends and Relationships
  • Making Choices – Being in Control
  • Sharing my Gifts and Talents
  • Sharing Ordinary Places
  • Being Respected for Who I am
  • Being Healthy – Staying Safe

By Tim Keilty of New Prospects on the Centre for Welfare Reform website.


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