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Public involvement in health outcomes research (Grundy, A. et al., 2019)

Public involvement in health outcomes research: lessons learnt from the development of the recovering quality of life (ReQoL) measures

Grundy, A. et al., 2019

Note: this is not co-production, however the authors make an excellent point in their discussion regarding managing differing opinions and creating shared goals.

“We think it is first important to acknowledge that disagreements will occur in the co-production of research by virtue of different perspectives. In terms of managing them, researchers should be prepared to take the time to fully listen to the expert service users’ point of view and explain theirs. A set of shared goals about what makes a good PROM [Patient Reported Outcome Measures], have to be agreed at the beginning of the collaboration. Any disagreement can then be related back to these core points. When these core points are not affected by the disagreement, then it is recommended that both parties agree to disagree. Successful management of disagreements relies on mutual respect, good interpersonal skills and common sense.”

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