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Dundee Urban Orchard (2013-17)

Dundee Urban Orchard – otherwise known as DUO – is a city-wide art and horticulture project supporting individuals, community groups and cultural organisations to plant and care for small-scale orchards across Dundee. In addition to the practical benefits of enhancing biodiversity, accessing greenspace for community use and raising awareness of where food comes from, DUO celebrate the biodiversity and cultural diversity of Dundee through art workshops, exhibitions and peer-learning events.

With a particular focus on food sustainability, DUO is committed to community empowerment coupled with long-term planning for a sustainable and equitable future.

Having spent four years working with community groups to plant orchards in Dundee (2013 – 2017), DUO continue to support the ongoing maintenance and care of the Orchard City network. Where possible we assist in the planting of additional community orchards and growing spaces and we actively encourage other orchards to be planted.

Keywords: edible landscapes, sustainability, art, participation, social practice, socially engaged practice, public art

Contributed by: Jonathan Baxter, Dundee Urban Orchard (DUO)




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