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Valuing Different Perspectives (April 2014 – November 2015)

The project sought to evaluate previous co-produced interventions produced by researchers and community organisations in the neighbourhood of Wester Hailes, west Edinburgh. In doing so, it also built in a comparison of academic-led and co-produced approaches to evaluating the outcomes of the previous co-produced outputs. This enabled a comparison of the usefulness of different types of knowledge that were produced.

Additional outcomes included a co-produced report on evaluating research as well as the two project evaluations.

Project report: Doing and evaluating community research: A process and outcomes approach for communities and researchers (2015)

Project evaluations:

Engaging Wester Hailes – Findings from the Valuing Different Perspectives Community Evaluation

Valuing Academic Perspectives

Keywords: evaluation, community development, social history, food, methodology

Contributed by: Peter Matthews, University of Stirling + Voluntary sector organisations in west Edinburgh




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