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Research in practice film: Co-production in practice

A film by Research In Practice shows how to engage communities, build social capital, and change the relationship between state and citizen.

Local authorities and service providers are finding cost-effective ways of working with local communities to utilise skills and knowledge for mutual benefit. These assets-based approaches to developing new services are helping to empower residents and change the relationship between citizen and state.

Research in Practice and Research in Practice for Adults have produced a short film that illustrates three different examples of successful co-production in practice, including:

  • How social workers are working with people to identify and make the most of their individual assets.
  • The Syrian Kitchen project in Leeds, a council-enabled skills swap that is having a profound impact in the local community.
  • How a social care provider in Wales has been working with older people to make small but significant changes to services in order to provide better support for emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Watch it here:

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