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Maximise Your Impact: A Guide

This guide is written for people (primarily social entrepreneurs but it also applies much more widely) who want to maximise their positive impact and want a practical approach to help them do that. The key to this approach is ‘Impact Thinking’ and at its heart this means involving and being accountable to stakeholders, primarily those that you aim to support. It is about collecting data from stakeholders to improve the design of products or services […]

Theory U

Feminine Principle and Theory U Hayashi A. xxxx. Feminine Principle and Theory U – Character Based Leadership. OXFORD LEADERSHIP. http://www.oxfordleadership.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/oxford-leadership-article-femine-principle-and-theroy-u.pdf On successful management of change.   We are collating the information for this section – coming soon! If you have any sources to contribute, please let us know.