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[Audio] Co-production and evaluation

A series of exploration about co-production in public services. In this episode we hear from Alain Thomas, a freelance consultant specialising in participatory techniques and public engagement, sharing experiences and findings from his work to outline what evaluation is and how it is linked to co-production. This series is hosted by Mike Corcoran for the […]

[Audio] The Ladder of Participation

A series of exploration about co-production in public services. In this episode Noreen Blanluet, Co-founder of the Co-production Network for Wales, explores 3 fundamental concepts that underpin co-production. She starts by discussing the Ladder of Participation, followed by the Spectrum of Interactions, and then finishes by highlighting some key components of co-production: Co-commissioning, Co-design, Co-delivery […]

[Audio] Components of co-production

On this session of the Co-production podcast, recorded to support some of the online learning sessions, Noreen Blanluet and Jenny Mushiring’ani Monjero discuss the different components of co-production in practice. We talked through this diagram of the different elements of co-production, and how / where / when they happen: Credit: editing by Emmi Manteau. Click […]

Research – integrated health and social care

Keeping it Personal (January – December 2014) Keeping it Personal (KiP) is part of the People Powered Health & Wellbeing programme. Through the project we sought to understand how health and social care partnerships can support more person-centred and integrated practice when working in a way that focuses on people first. The KiP project was […]

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