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Building Community Capacity: Evidence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness (quote)

“Evidence suggests that improved community connections can lead to better health and wellbeing and has economic benefits too. At a time of budget constraints, it is therefore particularly important to support community inclusion and active participation. The report Building Community Capacity: Evidence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness briefly draws together some of the evidence that Think Local Act Personal is aware contributes to this business case. There are some fundamental lessons to learn about the health-preserving effects […]

Consultation failed, co-design succeeds

The Guardian reports on the co-design process being undertaken by Southwark Council on the area around Peckham Rye railway station. Following a consultation that angered many locals, the co-design model has been adopted with the hope of meaningfully engaging the local community who are “experts in knowing how their area works, what it needs, how it needs to be developed.” http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2014/jul/21/codesign-help-peckham-community-consultation-failed ~ Via the Scottish Co-production Network

Men’s Sheds

Created in Australia in the mid-1990s, Men’s Sheds are gathering places for men to work on projects, socialize, support each other, do community service and more. “Most people working in the sheds don’t see themselves as being involved in community development from their immediate perspective. Sheds are sort of an incognito community education and development space where people who are disempowered or disenfranchised come along with ideas, and by putting them into action, they get a […]

Generous public spaces

Remarkable examples of beautiful and truly generous design, places designed for people to use, enjoy and improve – at no cost and for no profit. “To do things like this, you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. And if you do, people will respond positively. In this case the benefit of being created by the community really works.” – Wayne Hemingway http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/news-opinion/5-world-s-most-generous-public-spaces-wayne-hemingway

No small change: evaluate the success of your project

This handbook has been designed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), on behalf of the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) EU Interreg IVB NWE Programme, project, to inspire community currency organisers and help them gain the most from their currency project by learning more about project evaluation and impact assessment. While the focus is on currency projects, the Theory of Change approach can be used to evaluate any kind of project, particularly with complex multistakeholder […]

Keyring Living Support Networks

Independence, opportunity and inclusion are the core values on which KeyRing Living Support Network’s community-based support for vulnerable adults is established. Featuring Networks of around nine “Members” supported by a Community Volunteer, all living in close proximity in their own homes, the organisation recognises the skills and positive contributions that individuals can make to the Network and to the wider local community, and the value of volunteers that possess local knowledge – and can blur traditional […]

The Secret Kitchen Cafe

The Secret Kitchen was initially set up in 2011 by Marsha Smith to serve locals (and beyond) with a cafe offering no fixed menu, but instead focused on making each meal a freshly cooked ‘special’ that was tasty, vegetarian and organic or locally sourced wherever possible. Last year the kitchen opened the Family Cafe and this innovative and unique latest project actually upcycles donated supermarket food surplus that might otherwise have been thrown away, into delicious […]

Voice for Indi

An alternative approach in the 2013 Australian Federal Election… Tired of being taken for granted by the local MP, locals in the traditionally safe conservative seat of Indi embarked on a structured process of community ‘kitchen table’ conversations to articulate an independent account of the region’s needs. The community group, Voice for Indi, later nominated its chair, Cath McGowan, as an independent candidate. It crowdfunded their campaign finances and built a formidable army of volunteers through a […]

Caerdroia Theatre

Spotlight on a co-production story. Roger Davies writes from Golygfa Gwydyr, a social enterprise based in Llanrwst. “We are a non-profit, community led organisation operating a value-based process. Within the context of local community and place, our aim is to enhance social, environmental and economic resilience and to provide opportunities for personal growth and vibrant community relations.” Golygfa Gwydyr run several projects that contribute to the stewardship of community assets, and Caerdroia Theatre is one of them. (I […]

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