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Mayday Trust and homelessness: we’re working to fix a broken system

Mayday Trust completely overhauled their organisation and the way they treated homelessness and ended up providing a much better service for those in need. What Mayday believes, and will continue to inject into the discussions, is that the solution to homelessness will fundamentally not come from psychiatry, sociology, psychology, the housing sector – although all the focus and thinking at this time is invaluable. Instead change will come from listening to people, reflecting, getting to […]

Co-production – Sharing Our Experiences, Reflecting on Our Learning

This extensive resource is ImROC’s contribution to the discussion on what coproduction is. As we collated narrative accounts, and reflected on our learning over the last 7 years, it became clear that new ideas, opportunities and passion arise consistently from experiences of co-production on the ground. At a time when services are very stretched and conventional problem-solving approaches are outdated, working together as equals becomes a powerful force for connection and improvement. It reignites hope and […]

Organisational innovation and integrated care: Lessons from Buurtzorg.

An examination of how a devolved private care system creates a much more positive environment for those in its care.   https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266160131_Organizational_innovation_and_integrated_care_Lessons_from_Buurtzorg   PLEASE NOTE – this link provides an abstract of the relevant article. It is readily available to purchase from multiple outlets online.

Tackling social isolation

This Medium series sets out six principles by which we can plan and organise infrastructure, services, and just generally how Britain works to make sure we harness the power of connection and make everyone happier and more fulfilled. Here are the six principles: Having fun together builds strong relationships. Build the bridges. Some places enable relationships to thrive, some don’t. Design and manage for social connection. The human touch is irreplaceable. Sweat the small stuff. We all […]