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Service design, design thinking and more

Service design What we mean by services design These GOV.uk pages on service design are a great place to start. Various resources Getting connected to service design includes a bunch of resources and places to find out more: https://medium.com/@mikepressuk/getting-connected-to-service-design-7bebbdb4ef93 Also the service design “bible” is: https://www.amazon.com/This-Service-Design-Doing-Successful/dp/1491927186 The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation has a range of service design toolkits. From service design to systems change Learn more about the potential of service design with this Medium article. […]

Human centered design

Many organisations realise that becoming more human-centred is key to dealing with today’s innovation challenges. Human-centred design (HCD) has potential to contribute to this goal. However, its current impact on strategic innovation is limited. In this paper we describe the evolution of HCD methods to date, and the challenges and opportunities of applying HCD in strategic innovation. We show that these challenges could be addressed by augmenting HCD with methods from the field of design innovation. To […]