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Meet people where they are

Story heard from Tracy Bodle in Kirklees (apologies for any erroneous transcription, all my own!): At an allotment group set up to support people with mental health issues as part of their recovery journey: a man joined them who was in a difficult place and felt he had nothing to contribute, all he could do was turn up. He sat on a bench and smoked. The other people in the group tried to get him involved […]

101 tactics for revolutionaries

if you’re in charge, do it yourself if you’re not in charge, do it yourself become known as “the guy who…” so when the time is right, everyone knows there’s a guy who… learn to be nice, so people like you realise there are no rules, you can do what you like know that you are as right as you can be for now given what you’ve learnt so far know that this is the same […]