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Outputs and outcomes

The questions we ask change the thing we make “As soon as we measure something, we seek to improve the numbers. Which is a worthwhile endeavor, if better numbers are the point of the exercise. The other path is to focus on colors, not numbers. Instead of measuring, for example, how many people click on a link, we can measure how something you wrote or created delighted or challenged people… You can see the changes in emotion, or […]

Outcomes frameworks

Focusing on Outcomes We decided to use the best Outcomes Frameworks out there – John O’Brien’s 5 Accomplishments and Simon Duffy’s Keys to Citizenship.The point of our work is to support people to live their life full, a life full of valued experiences where they can experience the rough and smooth of Citizenship. We were confident we could ‘squash’ any of the other ‘outcomes’ expected of us into these tried and tested ‘measurements’ of a […]