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Video About timebanking by Transition Times (4’51)   The new wealth of time: how timebanking helps people build better public services This 2008 new economics foundation (nef) report introduces a useful typology of time-banking and develops the case for time-banking as part of the new paradigm for public services. It includes a case study section on the use of time banks in improving mental health. https://neweconomics.org/2008/03/new-wealth-time   We are collating the information for this section – […]

Spice evaluation of time credits impact (2014)

This is the Spice evaluation of the impact of co-production across a range of time-credit initiatives in England and Wales: over 1300 people participated during a two-year period. Given that time credits are referenced in the Social Services & Wellbeing Act and in Prudent Healthcare as a key approach to co-produced and citizen-led services, this report couldn’t be more timely. Headline figures are impressive: 65% of participants said that their quality of life had improved; […]

Ely Caerau Community Mothers

Cheryl Hughes and the Ely time credits Cheryl is in her mid-40s and is from Ely, a large housing estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. She comes from a large family and has 3 children, the youngest of whom are now teenagers. She has never worked as her priority was to give her children a good upbringing. Cheryl first became involved with the Ely time credits project by taking part in some local community cleanup […]