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New conversations 2: LGA Guide to Engagement

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, public organisations and institutions find themselves in a tricky position. The challenges they face are arguably as hard as they’ve been at any point in post-war history and yet the public has very low trust in Government and other institutions to get the decisions right. There have been a series of major blows to trust in the system, running back over the last ten or fifteen years […]

People learning to trust you, will test you first

Anecdote overheard at an event this month: The executive director of a big private company decided to implement a culture change, and to make her staff more inclusive at all levels. She set up new processes by which anyone in the company could submit ideas to include improvements and new ways of working. By doing this they would gain the collective wisdom of the workforce, and acknowledge that there is understanding at all levels of the company, […]

Organisational culture change

If what you’re doing isn’t working ~ a blog post by Seth Godin Perhaps it’s time to do something else. Not a new job, or a new city, but perhaps a different story. A story about possibility and sufficiency. A story about connection and trust. A story about for and with, instead of at or to. Bootstrapping your way to a new story about the world around you is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Our current story […]