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The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement

Villeneuve-Smith, F., Blake, J. 2016. The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement. BATES WELLS BRAITHWAITE.

A high level explanation of how Commissioners acting for Health Boards can revolutionise their procurement methods using co-production style methods. An inspiring and ground breaking document. Below, extract from a review of the report by Helen Sharp on the Ideas Hub:

“I know that commenting on a procurement report might not normally excite us and I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to reading this one. However, I have been stunned by how accessible, inspiring, daring and insightful this guidance is. It expertly challenges the notion that procurement is the barrier to progressive commissioning and reassures us that the new regulations are in fact flexible, light touch and supportive of innovation. The truth of the matter is that many procurement departments are reluctant to use them and are sticking with tried and tested ways rather than risking being ‘a bit cute’ or challenged.

This publication is aimed at progressive commissioners and change-makers; it is intended to be a part of a commissioner’s toolkit, providing supporting argument as you seek to drive change in your organisations. Interested?!”


Combine it with the more recently published reports and guidance from the Keep It Local campaign from Locality.


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