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The Buurtzorg Model

Buurtzorg, a pioneering healthcare organisation established in 2007, is a great example of how organisations can better meet citizens’ needs by adopting alternative management and governance approaches. At its heart is a patient-centred and holistic model, which relies on self-managed teams of nurses. Its achievements in the Netherlands are impressive: patient satisfaction rates are the highest of any healthcare organisation in the country, substantial financial savings have been made, and Buurtzorg continues to be a great place for employees.

The Centre for Public Impact spoke to Brendan Martin, managing director of Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland, to understand how these self-managed teams work and hear about his plans to bring the Buurtzorg model to the UK and Ireland. “You now can’t go far within social care or the NHS these days without hearing about Buurtzorg.” says Brendan.

Read the full interview here:

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