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Research on co-production and co-produced research

Research – health and wellbeing

Exploring, measuring and enhancing the co-production of health and wellbeing at the national, regional and local levels through comparative case studies in Sweden and England. (Samskapa research programme 2019-2024) Co-creation, co-production and co-design are advocated as effective ways of involving citizens in the design, management, provision and evaluation of health and social care services. Although numerous case studies describe the nature and level of co-production in individual projects, there remain significant gaps in the evidence […]

Research – design and innovation

Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) (2013-ongoing) The DHI is an Innovation Centre which supports transformational collaboration between universities and businesses. Operated as a partnership between Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde, the DHI aims to create opportunities to connect academics with designers, healthcare providers, SMEs, charities and other key stakeholders. It focuses on improving the provision of health and care in Scotland. Researchers at the Innovation School work on developing new service models, […]

Research – health

For research into health and co-production, see also the resources on the Involve (NIHR) website.     Exploring co-production, co-creation and co-design in the context of implementation, adoption and knowledge mobilisation. (2014-2017) This NIHR knowledge mobilization project is exploring the synergies and potential benefit that creative practices from the field of design and co-design might have for health sciences research with respect to developing implementable healthcare interventions. It’s about creative, collaborative research processes that make […]

Research – social care: older people, children and young people, policy, supervision

OLDER PEOPLE Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice in Health and Social Care with Older People programme (2014-2015 – ongoing) The DEEP programme is part of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded ‘A Better Life’ which ran from 2009 to 2014. This programme produced a wealth of research evidence on the factors that promote a better quality of life for older people with high support needs. Key findings were summarized in ‘Seven Challenges’. The DEEP programme built on these findings. […]

The SUCCESS model

A co-produced method to involve service users in research: the SUCCESS model Evans, B. A., Porter, A., Snooks, H. and Burholt, V. (2019) (SUCCESS = Service Users with Chronic Conditions Encouraging Sensible Solutions)  

Do the costs outweigh the benefits for health research?

The dark side of coproduction: do the costs outweigh the benefits for health research? (Oliver, K., Kothari, A., & Mays, N., 2019) “Coproduction is an exciting approach to research that can generate truly novel, unexpected outputs. However, it takes investment, skills, time and courtesy. Engaging stakeholders should be done for the right reasons and in the right way…” Research organisations and funders need to consider: 1. How to create (co-create) and support the infrastructure and […]

Health: patient participation

Effect of Patient Participation on Nurse and Patient Outcomes in Inpatient Healthcare Ding, B., Liu, W., Tsai, S.-B., Gu, D., Bian, F. & Shao, X. (2019) ————————————– What matters to people with COPD: outputs from Working Together for Change Early, F., Lettis, M., Winders, S-,J. & Fuld, J. (2019) ————————————– Co-production with people with Parkinson’s disease: making physical activity effective, meaningful and sustainable Hunter, H. and Gorst, T. (2019) An editorial piece on co-production […]

Centre for Co-production in Health Research

The development/set up of this Centre is currently being co-produced by a mixed group of members of the local community, patients, carers, researchers and healthcare practitioners (2018 – ongoing). Blog: Contributed by: Niccola Hutchinson-Pascal, University College London, Centre for Co-production in Health Research  

Coutts, P. & Brotchie, J., 2017. The Scottish approach to evidence.

The Carnegie Trust “As public services face increasing challenges in the face of economic, social and demographic pressures how do we improve lives effectively? Evidence informed policy and practice will be key. Stimulated by debates at a roundtable discussion with senior stakeholders from academia, the third sector and government this paper examines the particular public policy context in Scotland and implications for evidence use and generation. It argues that cross sectoral stakeholders in Scotland have […]

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