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[Audio] Co-production and education

A series of exploration about co-production in public services. In this episode we hear from Claire Taylor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Education at Wrexham Glyndwr University, and Nina Ruddle, Head of Public Policy Engagement at Wrexham Glyndwr University, who explore what co-production means in education, and the concept of doing with instead of doing […]

Wales’ new ethics first school curriculum

Wales is launching a new school curriculum to that will focus on ensuring young people become ethical, informed and valued members of society, It will include education on identity politics, social mobility and human rights! Read more here:

In This Together – Building Knowledge About Co-Production

Slay, J., Robinson, B. (2011). In This Together – Building Knowledge About Co-Production. NEF/NESTA. A NEF Report detailing the design and delivery of several co-production projects. A series of case studies and personal testimonies of how co-production has had a transformative effect across a range of sectors. The report draws out the practical processes […]

Kids Solve Problems

Want To Help Kids Solve Problems? Have Them Design Their Own Solutions. “As designer Alex Pappalardo put it: ‘I realized in a very fundamental way why these students—these fourteen to seventeen year old kids–are the best individuals to be designing solutions to their problems. The three of us ‘designers’ can facilitate with design tools, but they […]

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