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Co-production shares a values-base with these

Service Design

Getting connected to service design: a bunch of resources and places to find out more. Also the service design “bible” is:

Local area co-ordination

Welcome to the Local Area Coordination Network The Local Area Coordination Network exists to create a supportive network and resources for the long term development and success of Local Area Coordination and associated reforms in England and Wales. Home page We work with Local Authority, other statutory services and local community and provider organisations to re imagine the possibilities of how services can become more personal, flexible, accountable and efficient. The Network does that in 3 […]


Academi Wales are all about training and development skills within public services. They have several bits on how good leadership is essential for enabling teams to actually do co-production. Their leadership behaviours framework for senior leaders is worth a read, as are their “one Welsh public service” pages.  Here are some of their other docs on good leadership: Trust – the foundation of successful teams  Leadership and organisational transformation Taking risks – how to make […]

Human centered design

Many organisations realise that becoming more human-centred is key to dealing with today’s innovation challenges. Human-centred design (HCD) has potential to contribute to this goal. However, its current impact on strategic innovation is limited. In this paper we describe the evolution of HCD methods to date, and the challenges and opportunities of applying HCD in strategic innovation. We show that these challenges could be addressed by augmenting HCD with methods from the field of design innovation. To […]

Open data

Many argue that if public bodies were to share the data they hold openly (apart from that which really needs to be kept private) it would allow for greater collaboration all round. Carnegie UK, Involve and Understanding Patient Data have collaborated on a report balancing the risks and benefits of data sharing – read it in full. 

Place based working

Building Collaborative Places: Infrastructure for System Change This report argues for the strengthening of ‘system infrastructure’ underpinning services to the public in a place. A great primer on place based working. Read it in full – from Collaborate. An opinion piece on place based working: The Neighborhood Is the Unit of Change, by David Brooks in the New York Times Also the Place Standard, a free tool to have conversations around a place. Check it out in this […]

Theatre for social change

From Ideas Hub: “Over the last few months we’ve been enjoying taking part in work around co-production; thinking about the ‘art of co-production’ and looking for examples of co-production in action. We’ve been thinking about how innovative projects bring people together and reshape how we think about wellbeing in community settings. Since the times of the ancient Greeks, theatre was a common way for people to gather, to learn about social issues, and even inspire […]

Creating empowered and resilient communities

Carnegie UK, The Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and several other organisations have discussed the benefits of kindness in public policy and how this can translate into stronger and happier communities. Read the full reports: Resilient and empowered communities: A discussion paper: Empowering communities: The place of kindness: Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy: Insights For A Better Way is a collection of stories, ideas and case studies […]

Complexity theory

This piece by Keith Grint argues that in order to reduce the failure rates of change initiatives we need to frame problems by their complexity, and sets out how leaders might react to each type of problem. Read it in full. Lankelly Chase’s approach to working with complexity: “We have just published a revised description of our approach to change which sets out how we seek to take action in a situation of high complexity. The thinking behind it […]

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