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Making the choice: early insights from up2us

Making the choice: early insights from up2us Slay J. (2011) A short report based on the early findings of an evaluation of a project initiated by the housing action charity HACT. Up2us is a pilot scheme running in partnership with six housing associations that are enabling people with support needs to gain more power and control over their lives by pooling their individual support and care budgets. It provides an in-depth example of the challenges of adopting a […]

Experiments with co-housing

“It’s like up-cycling the neighborhood — connecting existing resources to make them work,” García explains. “For example, all this workforce that’s unemployed, all these empty spaces that are without use, all these elderly people that need help, all these natural resources that are not being taken care of — making a project for all these things.” Not A Group House, Not A Commune: Europe Experiments With Co-Housing

Designing communities

New research has suggested that the design of ‘everyday spaces’ is of the utmost importance in encouraging physical activity. This article looks at how a new affordable housing development in New York encourages healthy living for only 0.4% increase in total cost. Via The Guardian    

Keyring Living Support Networks

Independence, opportunity and inclusion are the core values on which KeyRing Living Support Network’s community-based support for vulnerable adults is established. Featuring Networks of around nine “Members” supported by a Community Volunteer, all living in close proximity in their own homes, the organisation recognises the skills and positive contributions that individuals can make to the Network and to the wider local community, and the value of volunteers that possess local knowledge – and can blur traditional […]