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Co-creation: ‘What works here doesn’t work there’ (Wildman, J.M. et al., 2019)

The significance of local context for a sustainable and replicable asset‐based community intervention aimed at promoting social interaction in later life

Wildman, J.M., Valtorta, N., Moffatt, S. and Hanratty, B. (2019)


What is known about this topic:

  • Asset‐based community approaches are increasingly being used to improve health and well‐being.
  • Asset‐based programmes harness resources within communities with the aim of tackling locally rooted problems.
  • Mapping local resources is the first stage in the development of an asset‐based programme.

What this paper adds:

  • Identifying and harnessing the unrealised resources of marginalised groups and local businesses builds community resilience and improves programme sustainability.
  • Genuine programme co‐creation, creating activities that meet actual community needs and engender enthusiasm, is necessary for creating sustainable programmes.
  • Co‐creation also requires organisational responsiveness and willingness to adapt to what works best ‘on the ground’.

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