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Co-production and public service reform

Seminar: Co-production and public service reform 2017

This ‘What Works Scotland’ seminar looked at the role of co-production, its role in reforming public services and how co-production can best be used to help develop sustainable and effective public services. It was held as part of Co-production Week Scotland 2017.

Presentations included:

    • Removing Obstacles to User and Community Co-production
      Elke Loeffler, Governance International
    • Spreading Co-production: Lessons From Operation Modulus
      Dr Richard Brunner, What Works Scotland
    • Co-producing Governance: Third Sector Voices in Community Planning
      Jane Cullingworth, What Works Scotland
    • Empowerment In Action
      Tressa Burke, Glasgow Disability Alliance
    • Co-production at Cranhill Development Trust
      Marie Ward, Cranhill Development Trust


Presentation PDFs:

Keywords: co-production, public service reform, sustainability


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