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Co-production definition and principles (with posters)

1. Co-production: the definition

Co-production is an asset-based approach to public services that enables people providing and people receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. It creates opportunities for people to access support when they need it, and to contribute to social change.

2. Co-production is underpinned by 5 principles:

1. Value all participants, and build on their strengths. 2. Develop networks of mutual support. 3. Do what matters for all the people involved. 4. Build relationships of trust; share power and responsibility. 5. People can be change makers, and organisations enable this.  

3. Posters (A3)

Here is an A3 poster in English and in Welsh with the definition and principles, and illustrations by Laura Sorvala of auralab. And just in case you fancy having a hard copy printed professionally, here are the print-ready version with crop marks:    

4. For blog posts and articles (on screen)

Here are the 5 principles in a handy layout to illustrate an article or blog post (right-click on each image and save as):

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