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Connected Communities Innovation Fund grantees

In September 2017, Nesta and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport launched the Connected Communities Innovation Fund. The fund focuses on how we can incorporate non-traditional modes of volunteering – often informal – to tap into the skills and experiences of people within communities. Here are 12 of the 16 grantees who have proposed innovations to mobilise many more people, and to support people and places to thrive, alongside public services. Read more about them on the Nesta blog.
  1. Library of Things
  2. Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network
  3. The Southampton Collective (‘Sniffy’ project)
  4. Oomph! Wellness Ltd
  5. Church Action on Poverty
  6. Cities of Service UK Network
  7. Equal Arts “HenPower” project
  8. Grandparents Plus “Kinship Connect” project
  9. Absolutely Cultured in Hull
  10. In2Science UK
  11. The Restart Project
  12. Uprising
The remaining 4 of the Connected Communities Innovation Fund grantees, from across the public and charity sectors, are focusing on innovations that enhance community resilience in emergencies and significant incidents. These innovations seek to work with, rather than replace, statutory responses; drawing on the incredible generosity and will to volunteer of citizens – so often seen in crisis situations – to enable communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. Read more about them on the Nesta blog here.
  1. Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL)
  2. British Red Cross
  3. Volunteer Centre Camden
  4. North Yorkshire County Council

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