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Measuring What Matters online tool result: code BFI

This is an entry that complements the Measuring What Matters toolkit which you can find here:


Measuring What Matters online tool result: code BFI


Technical description

You want to adopt a qualitative and consultative approach, to a formative or process evaluation, that can be delivered relatively quickly and easily.



Qualitative approaches: Focus on the quality of an activity (often feelings and subjective opinions) as opposed to quantity (objective facts and figures).

Consultative approaches:Invite people to share their experiences through some kind of formal and structured process.

Formative Evaluations: Assess the feasibility and potential of a programme, policy or intervention.

Process Evaluations: Assess how effectively a programme, policy or intervention is being, or has been, implemented.


Data collection methods

360 Degree Appraisal

Time: low / Cost: low

360 Degree Appraisal collects views on a given question from multiple perspectives, by asking for feedback from a small number of individuals who are representative of a wider group of stakeholders. This could include staff, managers, members of the community or otherwise.

Check out Page 30 of Think Local Act Personal’s Guide ‘Does it Work? – A guide to evaluating community capacity initiatives.’


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