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Co-production in mental health: not just another guide (2018)

This guide shares learning about:

  • where and how things are working well
  • features of different models of co-production
  • how co-production contributes to delivering better experiences and outcomes for people with mental health conditions
  • others’ views of hurdles and how to overcome them.

We took a three pronged approach to gather information for the guide.

  1. We conducted a review of the existing co-production knowledge base, including theory, guides, frameworks and examples from mental health services.
  2. We spoke to a range of people who are using co-production in mental health services in England, including people with lived experience, practitioners, managers and commissioners from the NHS, local authorities and non-statutory organisations.
  3. We used the findings from our review of the existing knowledge base and meetings with relevant people to:
  • identify the issues that both hinder and support co-production – what’s stopping you and what makes it happen?
  • produce examples and case studies that show how others are working co-productively in a variety of settings and with transferable learning
  • develop a set of top tips that will support progress towards co-production in mental health services.

Keywords: mental health, co-production, guide

Contributed by: Kate Livsky, NDTI (National Development Team for Inclusion)




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