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Restorative approaches

This Iris insight by Steve Kirkwood defines restorative justice, outlines the evidence on its use and impact, and discusses its current and potential use as a response to crime in Scotland.

Key points include:

  • The current Scottish policy context provides fertile ground for the growth of restorative justice.
  • Research evidence shows restorative justice can reduce the likelihood of further offending, assist people recover from the harm of crime, and provide greater satisfaction with the justice process.
  • Although its use is relatively limited in Scotland, restorative justice is used in other parts of the UK and internationally.

Read in full here:


Restorative Technological Approaches – Neil Tamplin (Twitter)

A short piece displaying the fact that restorative approaches can be applied digitally and in many different circumstances. This tweet provides notes on repairing harm, maintaining a community and building relationships.

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