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Green and social prescribing

Why social prescriptions are just what the doctor ordered Social prescriptions, from fishing to knitting groups, are helping patients back on to the road to recovery – Guardian article

Use the arts to boost the nation’s health

This article details a range of creative ‘social prescription’ initiatives to improve health and wellbeing. A number of examples are referenced (with links); they include the House of Memories in Liverpool for those suffering with dementia, and Health Cornwall which has provided funding for all manner of creative activities. Original article on The Guardian website.
Scottish GPs to begin prescribing rambling and birdwatching Shetlanders with chronic and debilitating illnesses could be given ‘nature prescriptions’ – Guardian article
The Wales Social Prescribing Research Network (WSPRN) is developing an evidence base for social prescribing in Wales. It brings together academics, the third sector, citizens, practitioners and managers from across health and social care, public sector commissioners, the independent sector and other stakeholders. The network, which aims to develop the evidence base for social prescribing in Wales, is primarily a virtual platform with over 170 members. WSPRN also supports the three communities of practice in North, West and East Wales which come together to discuss social prescribing. A series of face-to-face meetings have and continue to take place across Wales to discuss, through a consensus approach, the key research questions for the Network to take forward. The Network is funded through Health and Care Research Wales (Wales School for Social Care Research Capacity Building Small Grants Award 2018). Get involved and become a member: The membership of the Network is open to any person, group or organisation that is interested in social prescribing. If you would like to be a member of the WSPRN please contact Fiona Harris,, or Carolyn Wallace,, about becoming a member or visit the WSPRN webpage to find out more.
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