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[Audio] Doing co-production online

A series of exploration about co-production in public services. In this episode we hear Noreen Blanluet, Co-founder of the Co-production Network for Wales, talking about how online facilitation and working online can provide a different way to reach people, and how diversifying our reach and including more people in the conversation can be beneficial for […]

Co-production & involvement audit for organisations (online)

The Co-production and Involvement Audit is a simple self-assessment tool which helps organisations assess how effective they are at successfully adopting co-productive ways of working. It consists of fifteen action statements, organised in accordance with the ‘five core principles of co-production’ each of which is given a score. It provides a high-level snapshot of how […]

Civic tech: digital tools for citizen involvement

“Civic technology, or civic tech for short, is technology that enables engagement, participation or enhances the relationship between the people and government by enhancing citizen communications and public decision, improving government delivery of service, and infrastructure.” – Wikipedia With thanks to WCVA for the shortlist and analysis of functionalities – the table falls off the page on […]

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